At the UVA Writing Center, we seek to build relationships as a way to aid students in developing strategies necessary to become more competent and confident writers. To do this, we meet students where they are, supporting and expanding their existing writing knowledge, skills, dispositions, and habits of mind. Using a holistic, student-centered approach, we use writing in varied disciplines, genres (speeches, dissertations, lab reports, power points, applications, etc.), and stages (brainstorming, outlining, drafting, revision) as a springboard for student growth. Furthermore, we support writers in the expression of a diverse range of linguistic abilities including English language learners and writers of traditionally marginalized dialects.

We hope, through the service of this writing center, to prepare students to engage in the effective and ethical communication necessary for active citizenship within various communities and to allow writing to be an expression of their personal identities and convictions. We strive to foster an emotionally supportive space for the free exchange of ideas and knowledge guided by the belief that we serve the writer, not just the writing.